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Bogollagama attended Ananda College in Colombo and later the Sri Lanka Law College, passing out in 1976. He was called to the Bar and enrolled as Attorney-at-Law by the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in October 1976.

Tourism infrastructure includes 67 hotels with just under 2,000 rooms, almost all location in the city of Palenque. Palenque is one of the sites in Mexico which receives large numbers of visitors for the spring equinox, along with Teotihuacan, and Chichén Itzá.

The object will instead enter an elliptical orbit, the characteristics of which depend on where the object was on the elevator when it was released. Above this critical altitude, the perigee is above the atmosphere, and the object will be able to complete a full orbit, returning to the altitude that it started from.

His son, Archibald II, served as his aide-de-camp. Taylor was involved in the fighting at the First Battle of Bull Run. Later, his 3rd New Jersey was brigaded with the 1st, 2nd, and 4th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry to make up what became famed as the First New Jersey Brigade.

Peter Petreius. Peer Peersson of Erlesunda, also known as Per Erlesund and by his Latinized pen name Peter Petreius (Uppsala, 1570 – October 28, 1622, Stockholm) was a Swedish diplomat, envoy to Muscovy and author of the History of the Grand Duchy of Muscovy (1615) that attempted to present a complete history of Russia from the foundation of Kievan Rus to the end of the Time of Troubles.

I thought if you could create a brand that epitomised that it would be very compelling. The brand was a success, with a second store opened in Fulham, London, in October the same year. The store was ram-raided and was closed down, but a new second store was opened in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

Frozen Ones. Frozen Ones is a single by the band Ultravox!. It was only released in West Germany. It features two songs which appear on the band’s second album Ha!-Ha!-Ha!. However whilst the A-side, Frozen Ones, is identical to the album cut, the B-side Man Who Dies Every Day is a slightly different mix to the album version.