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Russian Red. Russian Red is the stage name of Lourdes Hernández, a Spanish indie and folk singer-songwriter. The name Russian Red comes from the colour of a lipstick that Hernández herself usually wears.

Many well known wine brands, such as Mondavi, Carlo Rossi, Petri, Sebastiani, and Gallo emerged from these early enterprises. Italian American companies were major importers of Italian wines, processed foods, textiles, marble and manufactured goods.

It features bluegrass and old-time music and dance, food, crafts and a wild pony sale. The courthouse is also the location of the Mountain Foliage Festival, held in the autumn and featuring a parade, crafts, arts and music, as well as a race in which contestants use outhouses, the Grand Privy Race.

The motto translates to: Our skill assisting us, we have no cause for despair. The town had a regular cattle market for hundreds of years, reflecting its role as a centre of local farming. Following the Industrial Revolution it was a major producer of textiles, with silk working in particular coming to dominate the industrial landscape.

Temperatures above 38 °C are very uncommon, just as the other extreme, where freezing temperatures during the winter are rarely seen as well. Heavy rainfall is usually seen during the months of July and August, although it is not uncommon to go about without any rain whatsoever during the wet season.

Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark is a first-person shooter video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 video game console. It is considered the spiritual successor to Rare’s earlier first-person shooter GoldenEye 007, with which it shares many gameplay features.

In 2013, the Saville Centre became the new training centre for the Canadian senior women’s basketball team. The Campus Saint-Jean is a francophone campus located five kilometres east of the main campus, in Bonnie Doon.

With his second-place finish from the 1948 World Championship, Smyslov was admitted directly into the 1950 Budapest Candidates’ tournament without needing to play in qualifying events. Smyslov scored 1018 for third place, behind Bronstein and Boleslavsky, who tied for first place.