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During the remaining five months, water is pumped and treated from the Rogue River. The springs provide water to over 115,000 customers. The springs are fed by an watershed. The water requires minimal treatment to meet water quality standards.

She again drew praise in 2003 for two consecutive hit dramas. In Wife, her husband vanishes and reappears years later as an amnesiac with another family, while in Perfect Love (written by Kim Soo-hyun), her role as the perfect wife and mother who gets diagnosed with a terminal illness earned her another Daesang from the Baeksang Arts Awards.

During one scene, Ron said he is attracted to strong and powerful women, prompting Leslie to point out Ron indeed attends a shocking number of Women’s National Basketball Association games. When Jean Ralphio tried to make a pass at April, she replied, Don’t you work at Lady Foot Locker?, a women’s footwear retailer.

They did not work cohesively; Mangel, Stefano Garzelli, Ricardo Serrano, José Luis Rubiera, Pietro Caucchioli, and Pablo Lastras took two minutes’ advantage over the other twelve. This mattered little, as the apathetic peloton let them all go to contest the stage amongst themselves.

It is one of the EA Trax in the videogames Burnout 3 and NHL 2005. The song appeared in various musical publications’ lists of songs of 2004. The first b-side of the single is Everybody’s Happy Nowadays, a cover of the Buzzcocks single from their Singles Going Steady compilation, with a guest appearance from Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin, who sings lead vocals in the chorus.