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At 2015 some platforms supported are: Packaged Apps: iOS7, iOS6 (PhoneGap), Android 4+ (PhoneGap), Windows 8.1 Store App and Windows Phone 8 (PhoneGap), Blackberry 10 (PhoneGap), Chrome Web Store App, LG webOS.

These include notifications for emails, calls, text messages & social media activity; stock prices; activity tracking (movement, sleep, estimates of calories burned); remote controls for smartphones, cameras & home appliances; turn-by-turn directions (using the GPS receiver in a smartphone or tablet); display of RSS or JSON feeds; and hundreds of custom watch faces.

Later, it described the sentence as an evidence of Saudi Arabian authorities’ inability to deal with any opinion that contradicts their own. Human Rights Watch described the sentence as being outrageous.

The Campaign promotes social science in the media, with letters and articles published in the Times Higher Education magazine and The Guardian newspaper on issues such as the Chief Social Science Advisor and the need for closer relations between social scientists and government.

According to gadget site Tom’s Hardware, 3–4 million units were expected to sell in 2012, which would account for most of the six million tablets Asus was expecting to sell for the year. Other sources estimated that 6–8 million units of the tablet would be shipped before the year’s end.

His wife, Anne Catharine Green, also helped to make ends meet by selling homemade chocolates at the post office. Green, a born troublemaker, hated the Stamp Act, which among other things directly taxed his newspaper.

Later in 2014 Microsoft relaunched Qik as a video message sharing application for Windows Phone, Android and iOS that requires users to register their mobile telephone numbers and send and receive messages to and from contacts in their phonebooks.

Hand of Doom (Black Sabbath song) Hand of Doom is a song by the English heavy metal band Black Sabbath, originally appearing as the sixth song on their second album Paranoid, released in 1970. It has been performed in many of Black Sabbath’s live concerts.

On 30 March 2016, the Loei Provincial Court dismissed a civil defamation lawsuit brought by six KRBKG members who live in communities near the open-pit copper-gold mine, for erecting signs in 2015 at the Na Nong Bong village entrance gate and along the main road in the village, calling for the closure of the controversial mine and rehabilitation of the local environment.