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The teams split their two games during the regular season, with the home team winning, and the host Bills were slight favorites. The visiting Patriots won the playoff game 26–8 on a snowy field, with quarterback Babe Parilli throwing two touchdown passes to fullback Larry Garron, and three field goals were added by end Gino Cappelletti.

Teinolophos, from Australia, is the earliest known monotreme. A 2007 study (published 2008) suggests that it was not a basal (primitive, ancestral) monotreme but a full-fledged platypus, and therefore that the platypus and echidna lineages diverged considerably earlier.

This led to guest roles in episodes of police procedurals The Link Men, The Long Arm, and Homicide and Matlock Police produced by Crawford Productions. This culminated in the regular role of Senior Detective Phillip Redford in Crawford’s series Homicide in 1973.

Rambriksh Benipuri. Ramavriksha Benipuri (रामवृक्ष बेनीपुरी), (1899–1968) was a Hindi writer. He was born in a small village named Benipur in the Indian state of Bihar. He had spent nine years in prison for fighting for India’s independence.

It was also an official selection of The American Cinematic Experience Festival (Acefest) 2009, and Raindance Film Festival 2009 where it was nominated for Best Documentary. In order to build a buzz and test audience reaction an early cut of My Big Break was given an extremely limited release on DVD in 2008.

The sales increased to a million watches a year. The LIP reissued Charles de Gaulle’s watch, which Jean-Claude Sensemat offered to U.S. President Bill Clinton. In 2002, Sensemat signed a LIP world license contract with Jean-Luc Bernerd, who created La Manufacture Générale Horlogère in Lectoure Gers for the occasion.