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Averasboro Battlefield and Museum. The Averasboro Battlefield and Museum is dedicated to the Battle of Averasborough, a Civil War battle fought on March 16, 1865. The museum, founded in 1994 by the Averasboro Battlefield Commission, Inc, is located on the battlefield in Dunn, North Carolina.

Mi Debilidad is a pop/rock song, while No Puedo Parar is a heavy metal track. Qué Ironía is a rock ballad that recalls Guzmán greatest hits such as Mi Peor Error. About the songs included, Guzmán stated to Tabasco Hoy: In recent years I experienced many good and bad things, so I thought, why not transform them into songs.

Liverpool City Council election, 1880. Elections to Liverpool City Council were held on Monday 1st November 1880. One third of the council seats were up for election, the term of office of each councillor being three years.

In 1921, Gray founded the Will Lou Gray Opportunity School, which is still the state of South Carolina’s leader in providing alternative education. This organization’s mission statement certifies that, As an agency of state government, the school provides a wealth of academic and life skills training by SC state-certified teachers in modern classroom settings.

Aristobia testudo. Aristobia testudo is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Voet in 1778, originally under the genus Cerambyx. It is known from Myanmar, India, China, Laos, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Anubhav Plantations. Also see Saradha group Scam. Also known as the Anubhav Teak Plantations Scam. Anubhav plantations (1992-1998) was an Indian Chennai based plantation company. The company suddenly closed down in 1998, when the company could not pay its depositors any longer, leaving its thousands of investors in the lurch and unpaid.

Mobus first major voice role in a video game was for the 2012 indie game. He’s also been the actor with the most roles on the popular web series Death Battle, in which he’s voiced Lion-O from Thundercats, Robocop, Wolverine from Marvel’s X-Men, and Agumon from the Digimon series.