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The term is also used for the action of accompanying, and for left hand part of a solo pianist. In a standard jazz combo, the pianist or guitarist typically comps during the horn and double bass solos by improvising chords and countermelodies.

Other prelates have been granted the use of the mitre by special privilege, but this is no longer done, except in the case of an Ordinary of a Personal Ordinariate (even if he is a priest only). Former distinctions between mitred abbots and non-mitred abbots have been abolished.

They speak variants of the Makua language, also called Emakua, and this is a Bantu-group language. A mythical legend, in the oral tradition of the Makua people, tells that their ancestor were the first man and woman born of Namuli which is their original home, while other living creatures came from nearby mountains.

Executives at Philips, their UK record label, took note of the rangy émigré Americans and began to promote them, with Scott displacing John as lead singer and focal point. The Walker Brothers’ next release, Make It Easy on Yourself, a Bacharach/David ballad, swept to No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart (#16 on the U.S. charts) on release in August 1965.

On March 10, 1980, Treen, aged 51, became the 51st governor of his state. His oath of office was administered by 19th Judicial Court Judge Douglas Gonzales, a Republican from Baton Rouge. Gonzales gave Treen a Bible inscribed, Dave, Upon this good book, you took your oath of office.

Her first novel was Kushiel’s Dart, published by Tor Books in 2001, and the recipient of the 2002 Locus Award for Best First Novel. The Kushiel’s Legacy trilogy, completed with Kushiel’s Chosen and Kushiel’s Avatar, follows the story of a courtesan in a historical fantasy or alternate history (Terre d’Ange) society that follows a demi-god, Elua, whose precept is Love as thou wilt.

Another example used by certain theologians in Eastern Christianity is that of St Augustine. Romanides claims that, although he was a saint, Augustine did not have theoria. Many of his theological conclusions, Romanides says, appear not to come from experiencing God and writing about his experiences of God; rather, they appear to be the result of philosophical or logical speculation and conjecture.