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Fleeing town, Erwin’s Cavalry was pursued and defeated in a saber duel. Two Confederate men were killed (the first two C.S.A. soldiers to die in battle on Pennsylvania soil), and Erwin, Lieutenant Jordan, and twenty (or more) others were taken prisoner.

In other words some 36,000 km, or nearly 20% of the world’s mangroves, were lost over a period of twenty-five years. Other estimates of loss may differ due to having been drawn from a smaller pool of data.

A rotating list of statements was also inserted approximately every fifteen seconds. The statements ranged from informing listeners that Frank FM had moved to 93.5 and doubled its power, to random and sometimes amusing quotes from movies, songs and current events.

Esselstyn attended the University of Texas at Austin on a swimming scholarship from 1982-1986. During that time he was an All-American swimmer. After college, he became a triathlete and competed for approximately ten years.

The Maple Leafs had defeated the Sydney Lightning the week before in the Sydney semi-final, while the Red Wings won the Melbourne semi-final against the Blackhawks 7–3 to progress into the final. In August 22, 2013 it was announced that Ice Hockey Victoria were renaming the two Melbourne teams for the 2013–14 season.

In November 2010, USA Rugby’s college management committee set out a plan for transitioning universities to NCAA style conferences. The purpose of the realignment is for college rugby to capitalize on the marketability of major college conference rivalries.

Horry County was supposed to receive a fee of $7 per passenger instead, of collecting taxes based on the boat’s revenue. The suit asked for $165,000 in back payments plus legal costs. Aquasino asserted they had stopped making payments due to the county not enforcing a ban on illegal gambling, which was also part of the agreement.