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Six years later to the month, Jack Wright and Willard Crocker-led Canada defeated Cuba 3-2 in an American Zone semi-final contest. Both Davis Cup ties were competed on red clay. The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club expanded its facilities in 1960 to include squash.

Guillermo Barreto. Guillermo Barreto (August 11, 1929 – December 14, 1991) was a Cuban drummer and timbalero. He was a major figure in the Cuban music scene for more than fifty years and one of the first drummers in Cuba to play Afro-Cuban jazz.

Running steadily to the flag, the Aston Martin crossed the finish line after 2,210.78 miles (261 laps) of racing with Robin Hamilton, who had driven longest of the three drivers, at the wheel. RHAM/1 finished in 17th place overall (from 55 starters) and 3rd in class (GTP category), ironically, if it had stayed in Group 5 it would have finished 2nd in class.

On one occasion she sang before Hitler just after a British officer had hidden secret documents in her dress; Hitler subsequently sent her red roses wrapped in a Swastika flag. In early 1944, she was arrested by the Gestapo as a suspected spy, and although tortured, did not reveal any information.

The fortress guns were less powerful than the German guns, but were more accurate and could take advantage of observation and fire support provided by neighboring forts. In combat heavy shellfire made the rear ditch untenable, and German forces were able to get between the forts and attack them from the rear.

Malonne’s armament was upgraded in the 1930s to become part of the Fortified Position of Namur, which was planned to deter a German incursion over the nearby border. The 21 cm turret was replaced with longer-range 15m turrets, the 15 cm turret was replaced by a turret with machine guns and grenade launchers, and the 12 cm turrets were replaced with turrets containing twin 105mm guns.

The flotilla mostly deploy ships in international missions today. The flotilla is split into three different divisions. 31st Corvett division. 33rd Minelayer division. 34th Support division. The former missile boat division was stationed in the flotilla until September 2005 when all the ships was decommissioned.

His coaching record at Morningside was 14 wins, 28 losses and 1 tie.As of the conclusion of the 2009 season, this ranks him #7 at Morningside in total wins and #14 at the school in winning percentage ().