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The station was built to an island platform design, accessed via a subway at the booking office on Foster Street. The new station came into use in June 1912, replacing both the 1854 Wilmington station, and Sculcoates station to the west.

WRJ advocates for social justice, raises funds for charities and rabbinic scholarships, and educates congregational leaders. In 1972, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods was instrumental in the ordination of the first American female rabbi, Sally Priesand.

She was called a trailblazer for her work as a librarian and educator. Phinazee was born on July 23, 1920 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Her parents, William Charles and Althia Lightner Lewis, were educators.

Lyrics for all songs are in the Norwegian language. All songs written by Janove Ottesen unless otherwise noted. Prior to September, little promotion had been done. Janove engaged in an interview with a fan site about the future of the band, where he revealed a few details of the album, such as the name of the first single.

During the early 1980s, he was a pioneer of the pound shop concept in the North East of England and opened units in Scarborough, Newcastle upon Tyne, Stockton and moved into the South as well with another 5 units along the South Coast and one in Hatfield.

After high school, Leddy took a short business course in Miami, Florida, and then, in 1933, moved to Washington, D.C. to live with an aunt. During this time, Leddy worked at the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation and later the Pan American Union during the day and took classes at Georgetown University at night.

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy is a US non-profit coalition of national organizations seeking to advance the financial literacy students from pre-kindergarten through to college-aged.