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Soon she was discovered by Recycled Paper Greetings and signed a greeting card deal with them as well as other international deals. A few years later, L’Belle started 3 Scoops Productions and began animating her designs in flash and licensed her brands L.A.

The Lillinonah Trail today is composed of four sides in a square loop. The Lillinonah Trail is maintained largely through the efforts of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association and the Newtown Forest Association.

That title also was produced on both CD and DVD, but separately rather than together in the same package. The name Crimson White & Indigo is taken from the lyrics of the song Standing on the Moon, which the Dead first performed earlier in 1989.

With growing concern over the ultimate fate of matter in the ocean, knowledge of the complex biological processes in the deep sea BBL (deep-BBL) and how they affect future sedimentation and remineralization rates is valuable.

At UCD, along with his wife Barbara, he founded UCD Press on behalf of the university, and he also served as first Director (1999-2002) of what is now the Geary Institute, a new social scientific research institute established with Irish government support.