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The town boasts the longest shopping mall in Sabah, Megalong Shopping Complex, which was opened in 2010, a state of the art fire station and a great number of restaurants. There are also many pubs and karaoke bars in this town (about 30 of them).

Composer Jesse Harlin, needing lyrics for the choral work he wanted for the 2005 video game, invented a spoken form, intending it to be an ancient language. It was named Mando’a and extensively expanded by Karen Traviss, author of the Republic Commando novel series.

After these adjustments, the plotting board represented a true analog of the harbor being defended (see figure at left above) and was ready for use in fire control. This customization of the board to its site, however, was also a weakness.

Highland Catholic School. Highland Catholic School, is a private, co-educational Catholic grade school in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States. It services grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Highland Catholic School is the official school of Lumen Christi Catholic Community (LCCC).

Ward was Mayor of Oxford in 1851–2 and again in 1861–2. In 1868, Ward was elected the first President of the newly formed Oxford Constitutional Association. He became known as the father of modern Conservatism in Oxford.

During his time in the college of surgeons, he had several bouts of tuberculosis, which diverted him from being a musician. In 1955, he became a qualified doctor. According to Browne, his professor of medicine in the Richmond Hospital told him that: You’re only fit to be an obstetrician or a psychiatrist.

Halberstadt station is a major transfer point to the northern Harz rail network. There are interchanges to Halle, Magdeburg, Hanover, Thale, Hildesheim, Goslar and Blankenburg. Halberstadt station is also connected to the local tram and bus networks.