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But since the mass of the object had not been measured, it was not clear that it was a true planet, low-mass red dwarf or something else. In 2004 radial velocity measurements showed unambiguously that the transiting body is indeed a planet.

P-Delta Effect. In structural engineering, the P-Δ or P-Delta effect refers to the abrupt changes in ground shear, overturning moment, and/or the axial force distribution at the base of a sufficiently tall structure or structural component when it is subject to a critical lateral displacement.

The prisoners (like all those accused of treason until 1695) were not allowed the benefit of counsel, and indeed the most skilful advocate would have been of little avail before judges who were determined to presume everything against rather than for the accused.

Landing operations will also be conducted relying solely on battery power. The spacecraft employs three types of engines: All of the 500 and 220 N engines will be needed to deliver sufficient thrust to decelerate the lander from low lunar orbital velocity for controlled final descend.

2009 AFC Beach Soccer Championship. The 2009 AFC Beach Soccer Championship was a qualifying tournament held during 7 November – 11, 2009 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that determined which two participants will represent the AFC region at the 2009 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

This becomes advantageous when one or more inputs is constrained to a small enough range that the results can be stored in a reasonably sized block of memory. Because memory access is essentially constant in time complexity (except for caching delays), any algorithm with a component which has worse than constant efficiency over a small input range can be improved by precomputing values.

The contest was held at the newly constructed venue at Solidarity Park, Kohima from 1 to 10 December. On celebrating the 50th year of statehood, of Nagaland, the government decided to double up the prize money for the competition to make it grander and to have something to remember.

Ben Ali’s Constitutional Democratic Rally considered changing its name (retaining the Constitution part in some form) and running in the general election on an anti-Islamist platform. However, the party was banned on 6 February 2011 and dissolved on 9 March 2011.