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In other words, we can begin to understand how the creators and participants of alternative new media projects actively shape their communication practices. YouTube is considered to be not only a commercial enterprise, but also a platform designed to encourage cultural participation by ordinary citizens.

Many of Moptop’s poses were copied from the Archies’ character Hot Dog. Fleetwood’s poses and walk cycles were often copied from Rudy of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Originally aired as a one-hour segment on The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie, the pilot episode was split into two half-hour segments on The Brady Kids.

Although their earlier releases contained Satanic themes and imagery, Gerald Preacher Warnecke, the guitar player of the band, was studying theology at the time and is now a vicar in Cologne. While the historical lyrics were very superficial at first, the lyrics for later albums were intensively researched, by Rolf Kasparek in particular.

Joe DiMaggio’s younger brother Dom would play for the Red Sox his entire career during the 1940s. The Red Sox won 15 games in a row in 1946. They were unstoppable and were in first place all but two days in the season, and would play in their first World Series game since 1918, having finished ahead of the Yankees in the American League for the first time since selling Babe Ruth.

His interest in apathy even prevents him from properly finishing the song, which ends with Well, here we are at the last verse / I’ve lost interest. Among the things the main claims to know or be able to do are: drilling for oil in the Bass Strait, being able to prove Einstein’s theory wrong, predicting mankind’s fate and knowing what really happened in regards to Marilyn Monroe’s death.

Her performance gained critical acclaim and earned her her first Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Female Lead. She went on to work with director Tom Dicillo, again, in Living in Oblivion (1995).

The demo tape would actually prove unnecessary - after Faudel’s impressive performance at the Printemps de Bourges, the young star was snapped up by major record label Mercury shortly afterward. Faudel’s original sound - which fuses traditional Arab Rai rhythms with ‘new wave’ guitar, reggae, Afro-beat and vibrant flamenco rhythms - was now set to hit the big time.