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Giuseppe Sartorio. Giuseppe Sartorio (Boccioleto Valsesia, Province of Vercelli, 1854 – Mar Tirreno, September 20, 1922) was an Italian sculptor. He was born to a family of initially limited means, but his mother’s family had enriched themselves trading in precious stones, and his father had been an able vintner.

Elico can breathe under water. He has a large, golden diamond that shoots a water blast to defeat his opponents. On Elico’s forearms are six blades used for attacking enemies and protecting his arms. It can also change attribute.

She fought Kate Heuston for the vacant WMC Women’s Intercontinental Featherweight (-57.1 kg/126 lb) title at Ignition Muay Thai in Perth, Australia on 22 April 2012, losing a UD. She got back in the win column on 23 September 2012 when she beat Ilsury Hendrikse via UD for the WMC Women’s World Bantamweight (-53.5 kg/118 lb) Championship, her fifth world title belt, at Stars Fight Night 3 in London.

Besós V power station. Besós V power station ( Central Térmica de Ciclo Combinado del Besòs ) is a combined cycle thermoelectric plant located in Sant Adrià de Besòs, suburb of Barcelona, Spain. It consists of two 430 MW thermal units fueled with natural gas, was connected to the grid in 2011 and is owned by Endesa.

Mosaics and original wooden floors of the various rooms have also been preserved. Foremost among them, the main room, with a mirror by Murano, the dining room with its fireplace of solid wood, or the library, with over a thousand volumes, many of them bound in parchment, from the Franciscan convent of Sant Domènec.

Morton was the first Australian to score a try in Britain: in their victory over Welsh club Mid-Rhondda in the first match of the tour. He was also selected to play on the wing in the second Test match loss, becoming Kangaroo No. 26.