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The Pirate Party announced its intentions to stand candidates in the North West England (European Parliament constituency) for the 2014 European Parliament election on the 28 March 2014. Three Pirate Party UK candidates were nominated, Maria Aretoulaki, George Walkden and Jack Allnutt.

At the time of construction of the Prussian semaphore system, the technology had already been known for thirty years. It was based on earlier designs by Claude Chappe and his brother which were in use in France on many telegraph lines from 1794.

What happens on tour, stays on tour. What happens on tour stays on tour is a notorious phrase or saying agreed to by men who get together and travel either interstate or overseas for sporting tours. In essence, the phrase means that all exploits during the tour must be kept strictly confidential, never to be discussed with anyone outside the group.

Australia’s archery team consists of 12 archers over 8 events. Australia’s synchronized swimming team consists of 3 swimmers over 2 events. A wrestler was disqualified for showing disrespect to the judges.

Dynamic complexity refers to the decision maker’s ability to control the system using the feedback the decision maker receives from the system. Diehl and Sterman have further broken down dynamic complexity into three components.

Add coffee to the cup until the coin can no longer be seen, then add hjemmebrent, straight from the still until the coin can again be seen. Apple juice is also a common beverage for mixing, as it is said to kill the taste of bad moonshine.