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In the solid states, the polyiodides can interact with each other to form chains, rings, or even complicated two-dimensional and three-dimensional networks. The bonding in polyhalogen ions mostly invoke the predominant use of p-orbitals.

He made his disgusting confession in The Metro Weekly a Newspaper in the US. In his sordid interview Mworeko, 31, brags how he started bonking his primary school boyfriend and how his act of bonking a fellow boy was copied by all the boys in his dormitory.

The Navegantes hired Sparky Anderson as their skipper. Anderson came with a five-year experience while managing in the Milwaukee Braves, Washington Senators, Detroit Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds minor league systems, But Anderson did not get all the success he wanted.

Despite starting 4–2 in the front half of the season, including an upset Louisville, the Cavaliers suffered five in-conference losses, culminating in an eleventh-straight loss to long-time rival Virginia Tech.

Viktor Ferdinand Brotherus reclassified the species into its current genus in 1924. In 2014, terrestrial ecologist Peter Convey and his colleagues from the British Antarctic Survey and the University of Reading discovered that C. aciphyllum remains viable after being frozen for more than 1500 years.

Built in 1929, the retrofitted traincar/restaurant was a popular draw with well-to-do tourists traipsing through the trendy Vancouver neighborhood, but the owners changed hands several times and the various iterations never found sustained success with the local residents.