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The exchange of prisoners coincided with Cuba’s release of American contractor Alan Phillip Gross, jailed in Cuba since December 2009, although both governments characterized the release of Gross as unrelated to the prisoner exchange.

Downriver were other camps of Comanches and Kiowa-Apaches. Overall, a total of about 6,000 Indians were in winter camp along the upper Washita River. In mid-November, a party headed by Black Kettle and Little Robe of the Cheyenne and Big Mouth and Spotted Wolf of the Arapaho arrived at Fort Cobb to visit the post trader, William Dutch Bill Griffenstein.

He was cremated, and his ashes were interred at a private family funeral on 24 August in Los Angeles. Subsequently it was reported that he had left his estate to his family trust. He is survived by his wife, Donna Wilson Scott, their twin sons, and his brother, film director Ridley Scott.

The civil parish of Stanley was created in 2007 and takes in not only Stanley, but the villages of Annfield Plain, Tanfield, Craghead, Catchgate, Tantobie, Tanfield Lea, South Moor, White-le-Head,Bloemfontein, Clough Dene, Greencroft, Harelaw, Kip Hill, The Middles, New Kyo, No Place, Oxhill, Quaking Houses, Shield Row, and West Kyo.

At Aldabra in the Indian Ocean, blacktip reef sharks congregate in the channels between reef flats during low tide and travel to the mangroves when the water rises. There is equivocal evidence that sharks from the northern and southern extremes of its distribution are migratory.

This victory saved France, though the war dragged on for another year on the Rhine, where Villars took Landau, led the stormers at Freiburg and negotiated the Treaty of Rastatt and the Treaty of Baden with Prince Eugène.