Sociology Of Law Conducts Research On What Phenomena Accounts

Great importance is put on these almost forgotten media, which enable research of specific phenomena, artists and the socio-political situation which affected this type of art. The Collection contains a great number of museological units, and it treats the documentary and archival material on the same level as traditional artworks.

The mockumentary stars Doyle as the title character, a Cork hip-hop artist struggling to achieve recognition in the international hip-hop scene. It also stars Stanley as Cash’s rival rapper Dr Feekinstein, and Kiely as Seamus Kelly, the sociology student who directs the film’s documentary.

Water Research Foundation. The Water Research Foundation (WRF) conducts research related to drinking water quality, treatment and utility infrastructure to help water providers and public health agencies provide safe and affordable drinking water.

In addition to offering short and fixed deposit accounts for domestic and overseas clients, the bank also provides mergers and acquisitions services, risk management, financing and corporate loans. Current members of the board of directors include: Mahmoud Bahmani, Masoud Gharaati, Reza Raei, Mehdi Ghadami, Ali Asgari, Saeed KhodaMoradi, MohammadReza Rostami.

The state of Virginia created Monongalia County in 1776 out of what was then the unincorporated territory of the District of West August. In 1780, two parts of then-Augusta County were also added to Monongalia County.

Donald J. Metz. Donald J. Metz (May 18, 1924 – May 9, 1999) was a nuclear engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Metz’s research focused on the effects of radiation on polymerization. Metz began his undergraduate education at St.

The company is currently administered by a two-person managing board consisting of Davor Mihovilić (chairman) and Marijan Sente; and five-member supervisory board. The company was first established on April 6, 2001, under the law promulgated on April 5, 2001, with the share capital of the company worth 131,140,100.00 Croatian kuna.