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The historian Ben Kiernan notes, however, that there is strong evidence that Pol Pot’s circle was responsible for Samouth’s disappearance: in particular a secret Party report on ‘internal enemies’, dating from 1978, accused Kandal Province Secretary Som Chea of killing Samouth.

The Spartans cruised through the remaining non-conference schedule, finishing 11–1, to begin the Big Ten season ranked No. 5 in the country. The Spartans won their first seven conference games including a win over No. 3 Ohio State. After a loss to No. 21 Michigan in East Lansing on a College Gameday game, the Spartans also lost to Georgetown in a non-conference game at Madison Square Garden.

Brian tells the story of how our innate human curiosity has led us from feeling that we are at the center of everything, to our modern understanding of our true place in space and time - that we are living 13.8 billion years from the beginning of the universe, on a mere speck of rock in a possibly infinite expanse of space.

A film career was assured when she was given a long term contract with the Hal Roach Studio. Pretty, talented-but overweight. She must lose. The pounds HAD to come off. She went on a diet so strenuous she collapsed and was rushed to a sanitarium.

In 924, Li Yanqing’s father Li Cunshen died, while serving as the military governor ( Jiedushi ) of Lulong Circuit (盧龍, headquartered in modern Beijing). In 926, many mutinies were occurring against Li Cunxu’s rule.