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In June 2014 SAP AG decided that the Trondheim office will be merged with SAP Labs in Sofia, Bulgaria. Operations are scheduled to cease in the Trondheim office in September 2014, marking the end of 20+ years of Identity Management development in Norway.

Gracefulness. Gracefulness, or being graceful, is the physical characteristic of displaying pretty agility, in the form of elegant movement, poise, or balance. The etymological root of grace is the Latin word gratia from gratus, meaning pleasing.

Goldberger is founding and current Principal Investigator (with R. G. Mark at MIT) of the NIH-sponsored Research Resource for Complex Physiologic Signals. The Big Data PhysioNet Resource is the first and remains the largest repository of free, open-access databases and open-source computational tools devoted to complex signals informatics.

His half-sisters are so moved by this gesture that, with a little push from Maithili, they eventually have a change of heart and decline to deprive the prince of his fortune. Meanwhile, Yuvraj Ajay and Chirag find out that Prem is only playing the part of the prince, and thus they kidnap the real Yuvraj Vijay.

Serial concatenated convolutional codes. Serial concatenated convolutional codes (SCCC) are a class of forward error correction (FEC) codes highly suitable for turbo (iterative) decoding. Data to be transmitted over a noisy channel may first be encoded using an SCCC.

Both rifts have fault segments length around ~100 km, which makes them stronger than any extensional system on Earth. However, they differ in their half grabens, East African Rifts’ half grabens are around 50 km wide while on Venus it is around 150 km.