S W M P 15 22 Moe Handgards

Moe! Staiano (Moe!Kestra!), Andrea Polli, Matt Davignon, Diana Burgoyne, (Rob Reger (Beno+Minnie with Aimee Friberg), Dana Gumbiner (of Deathray under electronic name Night Night), Danny Grody (of Tarentel performing with band The Drift) and Neal Morgan (of Joanna Newsom’s Y Street Band and Golden Shoulders)

Space Master X-7. Space Master X-7 is a 1958 science fiction movie directed by Edward Bernds, starring Robert Ellis, Bill Williams, Moe Howard (in a cameo), Paul Frees and Judd Holdren. Norman Maurer worked on the special effects.

A quiet child, Curly rarely caused problems for his parents (something older brothers Moe and Shemp excelled in). He was a mediocre student but excelled as an athlete on the school basketball team. He didn’t graduate from high school but kept himself busy with odd jobs and constantly followed his older brothers, whom he idolized.

Moe’s Tavern changes its name to Moe’s Cavern, a reference to the Cavern Club in Liverpool where The Beatles frequently performed in the early 1960s. Chief Wiggum, thrown out of the band because he was too Village People, mirrors Pete Best, an early member of The Beatles who was replaced by Ringo Starr.