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Chords cannot be shifted diagonally without changing finger-patterns. Standard tuning has four finger-patterns for musical intervals, four forms for basic major-chords, and three forms for the inversion of the basic major-chords.

According to Dion, the tree had just fallen into [their] lap and was suitable for its accessibility, personality and size. He said of the exhibit: Neukom Vivarium was a gift from Bill and Sally Neukom, American Express Company, Seattle Garden Club, Mark Torrance Foundation and Committee of 33, in honor of the Seattle Art Museum’s 75th anniversary.

While still retaining the bye-week, as a test of the logistics, the first game of the 2015 International Series was the first time teams only travelled to London for the weekend, having previously spent a whole week in the UK.

Violence at UEFA Euro 2016. The UEFA Euro 2016 football championships in France saw several recorded instances of football hooliganism and related violence between fans, both at the venues where matches took place, and in cities near the participating stadiums.

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In 1980, the design was awarded a certificate from the Union of Architects. 1983, Serpukhovskaya station was a collaboration by Aleshin with and Lydia Y. Gonchar (). The columns of the central hall were faced with Gazgan marble in warm tones and had metallic accents.

For example, Rob Brunner gave the album a C, and described it as a lightweight retread, sometimes silly, and occasionally awful. The Los Angeles Times Soren Baker was more favorable in his review, giving it a 3 out of 4 star rating and writing that A comfortable, funky mix of guitars, keyboards and backup singing gives the album a relaxed feel.

Included in this proposal was a 10-point code of ethics that addressed issues of freedom of expression, confidentiality of sources, and accuracy in reporting. The code was also put in place to curb the common practice of government officials paying journalists to report on them and their policies in a favorable manner.