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Gò Đậu Stadium. Go Dau Stadium or Sân van dong Gò Ðau is a multi-use stadium in Thu Dau Mot, Vietnam. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Becamex Binh Duong F.C. The stadium holds 18,250 people.

The large scale photographic palettes of 2 Seconds of Colour arise from a Google Image search for the term ‘Isis beheadings’. The works present the patchwork of rectangular placeholders automatically generated while the page is loading, their colours extracted from the ‘black of the executioner’s garments, the orange of the victim’s jumpsuit [or] the blue of the sky’.

TRT 4K. TRT 4K, is TV channel established by TRT on Türksat 3A and Türksat 4A. The channel is the first channel streaming 3656 × 2664 pixel (High Aspect Ratio 4K) image in Turkey. The channel uses HEVC (H.265)’s advantage on compression.

In early 1933 the NNSAP saw a surge of Oslo gymnasium students joining the party, and according to the rival communist Mot Dag movement the NNSAP briefly became the leading student organisation in the city.

It must allow propagation in the region formula_42 (called the propagating region) and attenuate waves in the region formula_43 (called the evanescent region). The ideal frequency response is shown in the figure.

It has been estimated that Illinois makes up nearly 5% of the paying DFS customers, the fourth-largest DFS market. In the face of cheating allegations and the overall unfairness of DFS with its seemingly willy-nilly self-imposed regulations, maxdalury’s response was two-fold.