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The Texans’ first season game was on September 8, 2002 against the Dallas Cowboys at Reliant Stadium. The two teams had also previously scrimmaged at the first home of Houston’s previous team, the University of Houston’s Robertson Stadium the month prior.

In 1944 - 1945 Rotta contributed greatly to the saving action of the Neutral Powers (Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Vatican) and the International Red Cross Committee in Budapest (initiated by Carl Lutz, and led, among others, by Giorgio Perlasca, Friedrich Born, Raoul Wallenberg, Angel Sanz Briz).

Here he made his criticism of positivismo, being one of the first in the Hispanic America, in his articles El positivismo de Comte and El positivismo independiente. In 1914, in Cuba, he defined what according to him a good critic must be: a flexible scholar who knows how to adopt any point of view.

This section lists the orders of Viridiplantae within the class Polypodiopsida. This section lists the orders of Viridiplantae within the class Polytrichopsida. This section lists the orders of Viridiplantae within the class Psilotopsida.

He was selected to join the Argentina squad for the 2005 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Hong Kong and the 2007 Rugby World Cup held in France, where they finished on the 3rd place, the best position ever for Argentina.

There is no direct evidence for this location, but the circumstantial case is fairly strong. Patrick indicates that during his escape from captivity, he had to travel about 185 modern miles to find a ship to take him to Britain, i.e., a ship on the east coast of Ireland.

Many families of microcontrollers and embedded processors have multiple register banks to allow quick context switching for interrupts. Such schemes can be considered a type of block multithreading among the user program thread and the interrupt threads.

Harbour Place consists of many small outlets such as Boots, EuroGiant Express and a Vodafone Talk to Me store. All stores are located on the ground floor of the shopping centre. In late January 2015, Golden Discs closed down unexpectedly with the loss of four jobs.