Que Es Mejor Un Elfo O Un Troll

A single was planned later that year, a cover of Los Brincos’ (a 1960s Spanish band) Mejor (translated as The Best) coupled with the old Brian Hyland hit Sealed with a Kiss, which was shelved, while they were also one of the main acts in the Surfer Joe Festival in Livorno, Italy, which was part of an eight-date tour of the country.

But Stella faints and takes her home. Bloom discovers she’s a fairy, in that the troll a troll comes to the house and they have to defend themselves, and for help, Stella calls to specialists, a group of young warriors.

The author agreed to write a play after a Portuguese popular saying: Mais quero um asno que me carregue do que cavalo que me derrube (English: It’s better to have a donkey to carry me than a horse to trample me ).

Carmen Amoraga. María Carmen Amoraga Toledo (born 1969) is a Spanish writer. She was born in Picanya, Valencia, and studied information science at university. Her debut novel Para que nada se pierda won the Ateneo Joven award in 1997.