Piata De La A La Z Cluj Napoca Imobiliare

Cluj Crusaders became the first team in Romania offering insurance to their players, maintaining a steady growth of the organization. The team in an effort to promote more the sport, organized with Timisoara Lions a tournament that is expected to become tradition between these two cities, The Cupa de Vest.

Alsószentmihály inscription. The Alsószentmihály inscription is an inscription on a building stone in Mihai Viteazu, Cluj (Transylvania, today Romania). The origins and translation of the inscription are uncertain.

Best results were qualification to first round, which was achieved twice from both Sarajevo clubs and Široki Brijeg. No other team played in Europe in September or later. Sarajevo came closest to group stage qualification, losing to Romanian side Cluj in play-off round (fourth qualifying round) in 2009-10 season.

The last four also formed the core of the city’s fencing school, winning major local and international tournaments. Top results for which there is evidence date to 1935, when the local foil team, Olimpia Satu Mare, lost against CFR Timișoara by a score of 15–10 in the national final, while Rudolf Luczki won the sabre finals held in Cluj-Napoca.