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In addition to being mayor, Evans has previously served on the Plano City Council starting with her appointment to the Plano City Council Place 3 position in 1996. She served as deputy mayor pro tem in 2000.

A 1786 map identifies the beach as Praia Cana Vieiras. During the summer Canasvieiras is popular with tourists, specially those from Argentina but also those from Chile and Uruguay, because of the calm seas and the nightlife.

Carlos Eduardo moved to Portugal in January 2011, being loaned to G.D. Estoril Praia in the second division. He contributed with 23 matches and one goal in his first full season, to help his team win the league and return to the Primeira Liga after a seven-year absence.

Canistropsis correia-araujoi. Canistropsis correia-araujoi is a species in the genus Canistropsis. The bromeliad is endemic to the Atlantic Forest biome ( Mata Atlantica Brasileira ) within Rio de Janeiro (state) and São Paulo (state), located in southeastern Brazil.

Saulo Roston: Nova Paixão was released on March 25, 2010 in Brazil, with the song Nova Paixão (English: New Passion ) as first single. The music video was directed by actor Alexandre Frota. Filming started on March 12, 2010 on Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

She was then transferred with the ship SS Monte Rosa to Aarhus, and further by train transport via Hamburg to the Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany. In Ravensbrück, she was assigned a position at the hospital ().

The project will include the main airports of Campinas, São Paulo, and Rio. Tickets are estimated to cost R$200 one way. A one-way ticket from São Paulo to Rio currently costs between R$52.00 (by bus) to R$72.

The fort also had a 3.5 mile long acequia that brought water from the Rio Grande to irrigate the post’s farms and powered a sawmill. It served to protect settlers and travelers against attacks by the Apaches and outlaws, before being closed in 1859.

Removal of the steel work and the old concrete pivot pier began in March 1966 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as the new Brooks Bridge reached completion with removal taking about three weeks. As the only local crossing of the Santa Rosa Sound, it is subject to traffic congestion.