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For major events, it is customary to publish competitors’ timings at the midway mark and also at 5 km splits; marathon runners can be credited with world records for lesser distances recognised by the IAAF (such as 20 km, 30 km and so on) if such records are established while the runner is running a marathon, and completes the marathon course.

Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Houston. In 2014, OPITO launched National Oil and Gas Skills Week, with science, engineering and maths events, specialist workshops and career sessions. OPITO sets industry standards in emergency response, industry training and competence.

Mr Bin Thaniah started his career in Dubai Ports in October 1981, became assistant managing director in 1991 and served as Dubai Ports authority’s Managing Director since 2001. Actually, Jamal Bin Thaniyah is the DP world’s Executive Vice Chairman, one of the two representatives of Dubai Ports World’s majority shareholder, and Dubai World’s Group CEO.

It has a translation in some areas. The channel is basically Middle East’s Television a relay version of Spacetoon (India). The major differences between the Indian version and the Pakistan version are timings, advertisements and contest Programming of Planets.

Liberation of the German-occupied Channel Islands. The Channel Islands were occupied during World War II by German forces from 30 June 1940, until May 1945. They were liberated by British forces following the general German surrender.

Huffman was series initiator and US producer of the international television magazine TIME CODE, a non-verbal artists collaboration, co-produced with Channel 4 (UK), RTBF (Belgium), NOS (Netherlands), TVE (Spain) and ZDF (Germany).

Muhayadin Mohamed. Muhayadin Mohamed (died February 15, 2016) was a Somali politician. He briefly served as Minister of Defence in 2008 during the Transitional Federal Government. Mohamed was an adviser to the Speaker of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, as of 2016.

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