Om Unitive Knowledge Of The Godhead In The Bible

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According to a popular story (possibly apocryphal, according to biographer James Curtis), Fields once told someone who caught him reading a Bible that he was looking for loopholes. In a 1994 episode of the Biography television series, Fields’ 1941 co-star Gloria Jean recalled her conversations with Fields at his home.

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Our show would not be valuable to people who didn’t understand the news because it wouldn’t make sense, he argues. We make assumptions about your level of knowledge that. if we were your only source of news, you would just watch our show and think, ‘I don’t know what’s happening.’

The town was rebuilt at the mouth of the Ron River and renamed Prachuap Khiri Khan, which means city in the mountains. King Mongkut gathered the people of three towns—Bang Nangrom, Kui Buri and Khlong Wan—and resettled them in the rebuilt city.

Despite a high level of con-specific rivalry within white-throat ed sparrows, this species is often dominated by other seed-eating winter residents, even those that are no larger than itself like the song sparrow, and thus may endure high levels of predation while foraging since restricted to sub-optimal sites at times by competition.