Old Gas Light Fitting Used For Ceiling Light

Fitting-out work proved to be a lengthy process, and she was not ready for service until 26 May 1901. By this time, her design was over ten years old and the ship was rapidly becoming obsolescent; in comparison, Germany had already commissioned the world’s first light cruisers, the, which were significantly faster and better armed.

The riverboat was described on the builders’ certificate as having three decks, and one mast, and was cutter rigged. She was clincher built with an elliptical stern and straight stem. Her length was 115.5 feet, main breadth 23.1 feet, with depth in hold from tonnage deck to ceiling amidships, 4.45 feet.

They are dull, yellow-green to light green to grey-green with a length of and wide. C. dunlopiana has a range that extends from the Claravale to the Daly River as far east as Gimbat near Jim Jim in the open savannah woodland.

The terminal is also connected to another terminal in neighbouring Sarawak through the Sabah–Sarawak Gas Pipeline. The proposal to build the terminal has been put forward since 2005. The ground-breaking was officiated by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2007.

In 1992, the building was converted into the Islamic Heritage Museum on 22 May 1992. The museum building uses raised floor and it has two inner courtyards. The material used for the building construction are concrete, timber and bricks.

His research thesis was on the vector-borne tropical diseases; it focused on the epidemiology of East African leishmaniasis (kala-azar), and attained a DPH. An epic accomplishment for an under 30-year old native African at the apogee of European colonialism in East Africa!

After another start against the, he dropped to the bench for their match against the, but came on to score his first points in first class rugby, converting two late tries. He started five more matches in the fly-half position before his short spell with the South Africa Under-20 team, without scoring any points.