Oh Marceline Why Are You So Mean Chords

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Sberna. Sberna is a surname of Swiss-Italian / Franco-Provençal origin (found spelled as Bernaz in the Chablais) (Substrate Pre-Roman Celtic ). Of the word Vern, gwern or berula (berle), it mean alder tree or place of alders.

During one scene, Ron said he is attracted to strong and powerful women, prompting Leslie to point out Ron indeed attends a shocking number of Women’s National Basketball Association games. When Jean Ralphio tried to make a pass at April, she replied, Don’t you work at Lady Foot Locker?, a women’s footwear retailer.

These issues bring out these emotions. I’m not sure why. But for some reason the Barnes stirs something up in people. Executive Producer Lenny Feinberg said [We had] no idea we would ever be where we are today. everywhere we go, there’s lines of people.

The intro, first strain and second strain are all in the key of concert A and the piece is written in cut time. The tempo may range 120 to 160 beats per minute. The introduction lasts eight measures with the ensemble playing three chords of A, then D minor second-inversion with concert F in the bass voices and then another A chord second-inversion with the basses having a concert E.

Throughout the series, Marceline is seen playing music; in several official sources, she is described as a wild rocker girl. Several times throughout the series, she jams with Finn and Jake, and various others depending on the circumstances.