Noticias De Hoy En Oaxaca Policiaca De Hoy

MTV Argentina and Coca Cola launched a contest exclusively for Hoy Quiero, that is still available. Every participant tape a video and send it to Coca Cola’s official web page. The users vote for their favorite’s video.

The state of Oaxaca lies above the convergent boundary where the Cocos Plate is being subducted below the North American Plate at a rate of 6.4 cm/yr. The dip of the subducting slab is about 15° as defined by focal mechanisms and earthquake hypocenters.

A Twitter storm followed under the hashtag #miBlusadeTlahui, which pointed out the uncanny similarity of some of Marant’s recent designs to those of indigenous Mexican designers, of Tlauhuitolpec in Oaxaca State, Mexico, who have been designing and making their original hand-sewn shirts for over 600 years in the style of the Mixe indigenous people.

Besides residences, Ayuso is known for her public works projects which include the expansion of Belize Medical Associates from a clinic into a hospital, remodeling of the Cleopatra White and Matron Robert polyclinics, and work on the Hoy Eye Clinic and several branches of Atlantic Bank.