No One Is Perfect But Quotes About Success

She has said the story is a metaphor for her own failed love affairs and that I had kind of got the idea that there’s not going to be some fabulous perfect soulmate out there for me, so I’ll just make him up.

Floyd was also an amateur poet, sometimes composing verse for Mayberry civic events. These poems always consisted of repeating, over and over, the same few words. He also had an inexplicable fondness for Calvin Coolidge, often attributing quotes to him.

Cashman, Pistilli and West (later reduced to Cashman & West) enjoyed modest success, recording six albums through 1975. The Cashman-West team also produced all the hit recordings of singer-songwriter Jim Croce.

In 2013, North American distributor Discotek Media released the film on a DVD containing all four English dubs, as well as extensive liner notes and essays about the film and its production. Financially successful upon release, The Mystery of Mamo has continued to polarize critics and fans of the Lupin franchise, especially in English-speaking markets.

His translation of Sophocles’ Electra reveals not only Zlatarić’s education, taste and versifying ability, but also his poetic gift. Love of Pyramus and Thisbe is closer to a prose translation. In general, Zlatarić’s translations can be considered independent poetic achievements, widening the range of Croatian Renaissance literature.

As one of the best equipped swimming pools in Hong Kong, it is the only venue on the Kowloon side suitable for staging major or international swimming events. Events of the Hong Kong Games are also held there regularly.