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Coope made 20 and 58 in his first match, the Whitsun 1947 County Championship game against Gloucestershire. The century brought Coope his county cap. By the end of his first season in first-class cricket, Coope had scored 791 runs at an average of 20.81.

Ponce elected its first mayor (as well as its first Municipal Assembly) on 20 September 1812. Its first elected mayor was José Ortiz de la Renta, who took office in 1812. Ortiz de la Renta occupied the post of mayor on eight different occasions from 1812 to 1846.

Sabit Ince is a notable member of the Second New Generation of Turkish poetry, an abstract and postmodern movement created as a backlash against the more popular-based Anadolu Hececileri movement. Love, mainly through its erotic entity, is a popular theme of ince’s works.

President George Washington attempted to appoint William Paterson to the Supreme Court on February 27, 1793, after the resignation of Associate Justice Thomas Johnson. However, Paterson, who was serving as Governor of New Jersey, had previously been elected to serve a Senate term that would expire at noon on March 4, 1793.

Woods Church was founded by eight organizing members in 1912. The pastor served the first six months without pay. The first church services were held in the local public elementary school. The first church building was financed with the help of a grant from the Baltimore Presbytery and a loan from the General Assembly through their new church development agencies.

William Gentles. William Gentles (c.1830–1878), a private in the U.S. Army, was identified as possibly the soldier who bayoneted the Oglala war leader Crazy Horse in 1877. William Gentles was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, though the date is not known for certain.

Tinicum Island Rear Range Light. The Tinicum Island Rear Range Light is a lighthouse located in the Billingsport section of Paulsboro, Gloucester County, New Jersey, United States, the rear of a pair of range lights marking a section of the channel in the Delaware River south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When the practice of variolation set off local epidemics and caused death in two cases, public reaction was severe. Minister Edmund Massey, in 1772, called variolation dangerous and sinful, saying that people should handle the disease as the biblical figure Job did with his own tribulations, without interfering with God’s test for mankind.

As in the Eastern Orthodox the Father is God who is known through his uncreated person Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit that process from him as uncreated and infinite. As also the Father is known through his activities in the created world.

The current Arctic policy of the United States has its beginnings in the Nixon Administration. In December 1971, President Nixon produced National Security Decision Memorandum 144 to address the United States’ stance toward the Arctic.

From humble beginnings as a professional school, it quickly grew to become an important institution, which was awarded the status of a fully-fledged Hochschule (an educational institution equivalent to a university, but specializing in a certain field such as technology or business or art) in 1919.