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Some time around February 1614 he married Jane Lannerie and at least two of their sons went on to become musicians themselves. After relocating to London, Adson joined the City Waits and remained a member until his death.

The bark is greenish-grey, smooth in young trees, becoming shallowly grooved when mature. There are three varieties, sometimes treated as subspecies: The closely related Acer lobelii from southern Italy is also treated as a subspecies of A. cappadocicum by some authors.

Crossing through the commercial center of Highland, the routes cross a junction with CR 12 (Vineyard Avenue). At this junction, US 44 and NY 55 turn south and connect to a junction with US 9W. Crossing through the toll barrier, bending southward as it reaches the bridge span, crossing over the CSX West Shore Railroad.

On February 16, 2007, the NBC crime drama series Law & Order broadcast an episode, Melting Pot, that was a thinly-veiled dramatization of Shelly’s murder. Shelly herself had guest-starred on the show in the 2000 episode High & Low.

Guides are usually registered with the state that they guide in. In England, the term hunting is generally reserved for the pursuit of game on land with hounds, so the sport is generally known as wildfowl shooting or wildfowling rather than hunting.

Songs by The One AM Radio have appeared in the television shows Chuck, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, in ads for Pontiac and Rdio, and the films Save the Date and The End of Love. The One AM Radio’s second album, A Name Writ In Water, was named by Time Out New York as one of the top 10 albums of 2004.