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The car would again compete in the GTP class, weighing 1,546 kg it was again the heaviest in the class. Before the race the gearbox and engine were changed due to not being able to select first gear. During the race (with the same set of drivers as Silverstone that year) the V8 proved capable of lapping many seconds quicker than in 1977 (7.32 seconds).

Klang (music) In music, klang is a term used in English to denote the chord of nature, particularly in mistaken references to Riemannian and Schenkerian theories. In German, Klang means sound, tone, note, or timbre; a chord of three notes is called a Dreiklang, etc.

These relief camps were also opened in schools to service as temporary hospitals, with 24 medical teams dispatched by the government to helped injured residents. The Pakistani military helped in search and rescue missions, and also traveled by air and sea to bring emergency supplies to damaged coastal towns, such as blankets, 1,000 tents, and 1.8 tons of medicine.

Earnest emotions surprisingly suit these dance-floor surrealists. BBC Music’s Sarah Bee gave the album a positive review, stating: There’s a lightness and a jollity about their music which combines with an unabashed poignancy, and there’s a sense of deep contentment and peace about this album.

John Albert Morris. John Albert Morris (July 1836 – May 25, 1895) was an American businessman widely known as the Lottery King and a prominent figure in the sport of thoroughbred horse racing. A native of New Jersey, he benefited from a large inheritance and added substantially to his fortune through a majority interest in the Louisiana State Lottery Company.

When dying of cholera, Bishan Singh entrusted James Tod with guardianship of his 11-year-old son, Ram Singh. Maharao Raja Ram Singh (1821–89) grew up to be a much respected ruler who initiated economic and administrative reforms and established schools for the teaching of Sanskrit.