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Weirdsister College saw the return of Felicity Jones as Ethel. Miss Hardbroom is the terriying and extremely strict form-mistress of Mildred, Maud, Enid, Ethel, and Drusilla. She is tall, thin and bony with waist-length black hair which she keeps scragged into such a tight knot that her forehead looked quite stretched.

The 50 states and the District of Columbia competed for the prestigious title and the pageant was webcast live on Ustream. The 2nd annual Miss Teen Fantasy Camp was held along the pageant. The preliminary competition, hosted by Ed Fields and Stormi Henley, took place on July 23, while the final show was held on July 24, 2010.

Bagdad Cafe the Trench Town. Bagdad Cafe the Trench Town is Japanese reggae band founded in 2001. Their début album Love Sunset was released in 2003. The front-woman, Mai, sings mostly in Japanese but adds in many English words too.

Kerala Cafe, produced by director Ranjith, was her last movie where she enacted the role of a forlorn grandmother with no one to look after her. Besides movies, she was also active in television serials.

DJ: Lee Scratch Perry. Genre: Reggae, dancehall, dub. DJ: Keith Morris. Genre: Punk rock, hardcore punk. DJ: DJ Camilo and Don Cheto. Genre: Mexican music, Latin music. DJ: Flying Lotus. Genre: Electronic music (IDM), hip hop (Midwest hip hop)

In 1881, Camilo Castelo Branco wrote the letter ( Gil Vicente, Refutations of the Opinion of Mr. Teófilo Braga ), which argued that Gil Vicente the writer and Gil Vicente the goldsmith were two different people.