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In April 2010 the library began an extensive expansion and renovation project, which was completed in December 2011. The building was expanded by about 4,500 square feet, and an additional 28,000 square feet were renovated.

The Manitoba and South Western Railway co. was created to carry out this proposal and to guarantee that the Dominion Government change the route of the Pacific Railway from Winnipeg westward. In 1900, Ashdown sent a whole train through the west loaded with 800 tons of building material and general hardware, with each car labelled, Hardware from J.H. Ashdown.

The previously unpublished story was printed in a limited edition by Boardman Books (USA) prior to the sale of Hartberg’s original art. Cole Black returned in volume two in traditional comic format. Although exact numbers are unknown, about 15,000 copies of volume 2, number 1, were distributed worldwide.

Winners receive a Basque beret ( boina or txapela ) as a trophy, hence the Basque word for champion - txapeldun, literally one who has a beret. Betting, both by the competitors and the audience, is very common and popular at such sporting events in the north of Spain.

Little else is known about this aspect of the company’s work. The company ceased business in the 1940s. Advances in 3D technology have allowed stereoviews over 100 years old to be reproduced on digital media or the print page to be viewed with only paper glasses.

This version, designed by Microsoft Studios and developed by Arkadium, is advertisement supported, and introduced many new features to the game. Microsoft Solitaire celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 18, 2015.

Three Bronze Age torcs were found here and declared treasure in 1991. They are now housed in the National Museum, Cardiff. The parish church of St David was built in 1882, on the site of a medieval church; the font is 15th century.