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Today the stadium holds about 7,000. It is situated off the city centre. It was built in 1925 by members of music and gymnastics association Megas Alexandros. Record attendance is 10,309 for a game between Veria and Panathinaikos in 1970.

Bel and the Dragon is difficult to date, but the late 6th century is possible. Jerome’s translation of the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate) contained four books of Esdras (i.e. Ezra); Jerome’s 1 and 2 Esdras were eventually renamed Ezra and Nehemiah; the remaining books each moved up two places in most versions, but the numbering system remains highly confused.

The road is marked in red in the map. The whole length of the road is within Corrientes Province, crossing through Monte Caseros Department, Curuzú Cuatiá Department, and Mercedes Department. In previous times there was a road with this number in the same province.

Thanks to Junior Scholarship from BMW, he participated in Formula BMW USA for Team Apex Racing USA. He scored five podiums including two wins, which brought him third place and best rookie’s title. Also he competed in Formula BMW World Final, where he finished sixth.

From 1950 to 1992 the park was managed by the Technische Universität Dresden, which used Gaussig House as a recreation venue for academic staff and for conferences. In 2005 Andreas Graf von Brühl-Pohl and his family took over ownership of Gaussig House and Park.