Many Moons Ago I Lived By One Republic

Over the years, Piarroux has taken part in several missions and research projects in Africa, including the study of the dynamics of cholera epidemics in Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo. He also worked on the analysis of risks of epidemics and assessing health priorities after natural disasters and conflicts including:

It is envisioned that the system will extend into space, encompassing orbiting space stations, interplanetary mission vehicles, and even other planets and their moons. The output of the Hoyle Shield System includes visual maps (3D) of microbe clouds color coded for type and density, showing flow, predicted arrival location, and estimated time of arrival at ground level.

She also photographed the performances of famous international acts and those yet to be famous, playing in Australia for the first time. This included artists such as Debbie Harry of Blondie, Deep Purple, Lou Reed, Joe Cocker, the Who and many more.

A work group was set up to develop new ideas and this project became what is now the Urdaibai Bird Center. Until just a few years ago, the area now occupied by the Orueta wetland was very run down and the fact that it had become almost disconnected from the influence of the tides had led to the invasion of exotic species.

The couple lived in Medan for several years, and Tobing was involved in the Chinese-led group Sio Ie She. He also established his own band, Suara Harapan, which played on the Medan branch of RRI. Over subsequent years he took part in several further cultural envoy programs, including one to the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

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