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It is not widely known in North America. It is common in Europe, where it may be called a pipe wrench, Swedish wrench, or Swedish pattern wrench. Johansson also improved the adjustable spanner, patenting in 1891.

De Negri also pierced one of Ricci’s eyes with the cut fingers, smashed his teeth and head with a pipe wrench, and washed his brain with dog shampoo. The morning after, Ricci’s body was found in a landfill, still smoking, as De Negri had thrown fuel onto the body and tried to burn it.

Mooney viscometer. A mooney viscometer is an instrument used for measuring the mooney viscosity of a substance (mainly elastomers and rubbers). Invented by Melvin Mooney, it contains a rotating spindle and heated dies, the substance encloses and overflows the spindle and the mooney viscosity is calculated from the torque on the spindle.

When the muscle is inactive, the actuator receives no power from the controller, and when the muscle is fully contracted, the actuator produces maximum torque about the joint it controls. For example, an powered ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) could employ a pneumatic artificial muscle to provide plantar flexion torque proportional to the activation level of the soleus (one of the calf muscles).

On June 30, 2015, Bitch Better Have My Money was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) denoting sales of over 1,000,000 digital copies. In Canada, Bitch Better Have My Money debuted at number 29 on the Canadian Hot 100 for the week dated April 11.

On 5 August 1967 he died in Freiburg, Germany.Five days later, following a ceremony in the university, he was buried in the Zincirlikuyu Cemetery in İstanbul. In 1943, he published his paper about Vrendel beams and this paper is considered as the very first Turkish engineering paper published in a foreign country.

In 2010, Abbas founded DigiSay, one of the first digital media agencies to be part of the YouTube partnership program. Abbas developed a fully-fledged professional team for the management and the development of both Bassem Youssef and Al-Bernameg show on all levels, including marketing, operations, and public relations.

He is a director of Astronomy Australia since 2010, appointed until the 2016 AGM. He is a member of the Defence South Australia Advisory Board, the Board of QinetiQ Pty Ltd and is Chair of the Goyder Institute for Water Research.

She rose to the rank of chief designer, and was responsible for some of the major stations in the network: Mayakovskaya, Revolution Square, Paveletskaya, Kievskaya, and Arbatskaya. During the Second World War, Pirozhkova headed an engineering team building railway tunnels in the Caucasus.

He commissioned scapigliati sculptor Ernesto Bazzaro (well-known war memorial artist in Lombardy) to erect one in Brugherio. The work was officially inaugurated in 1933, being initially opposed by parish leader, Don Giuseppe Camagni (1921-1957).

Dennis Orme. Dennis Frederick Orme (born 17 June 1938), former leader of Unification Churches in England, theologian and author. Orme and his wife were among the earliest Western followers of the Unification Church and he is perhaps best known for his unsuccessful personal lawsuit for libel against Associated Newspapers Group.

Montreal v Montreal Locomotive Works Ltd. Montreal v Montreal Locomotive Works Ltd [1944] UKPC 44 is a Privy Council case relating to tax and commercial business, but of interest to Canadian and UK labour law on the definition for employees.