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He was asked to reconsider, read the original novel, met Crichton, and changed his mind. Sean Connery performed most of his own stunts in the film, including the extended sequence on top of the moving train.

The church, the sacristy, and the missionary rooms were the main structures and formed a square. Several kilometers upstream there was a garden, a winery, and orchards. The irrigation system, which used a reservoir and gravity to take the water in acequias into the fields, was typical for missions of this sort.

It is later revealed by Preem Palver, in the last chapter, that Terminus, the homeworld of the Foundation, is not, in fact, the real location of the Second Foundation. The physical scientists of the First Foundation were fooled by Seldon’s phrasing, opposite end of the Galaxy and Stars End.

Because the Mars opposition of 1907 placed the planet low over the southern horizon from North America, it was deemed advantageous to ship a large instrument to a point below the equator, where Mars would appear directly overhead due to the more southerly latitude.

DVD recordable. DVD recordable and DVD rewritable refer to part of optical disc recording technologies. DVD optical disc formats that can be recorded by a DVD recorder, (written, burned ), either write once or rewritable (write multiple times) format written by laser, as compared to DVD-ROM, which is mass-produced by pressing, primarily for the distribution of home video.

Equitable sold the mall in 1997 to Regency Mall, LLC, formed by Raleigh developers Haywood Whichard and Paul Woo, who specialized in buying and reselling distressed mall properties. Whichard and Woo bought the mall, valued at $33.5 million in 1991 tax records, for less for $4.15 million.

This multiplication is done for all compounds in a mixture, and these equivalents of TCDD can then simply be added, resulting in TEQ, the amount or concentration of TCDD toxicologically equivalent to the mixture.