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Beyoncé is then shown wearing a green skirt and bedazzled bra while dancing around in sand. As the song progresses, she is shown dancing alone in a dark forest wearing a sparkling black dress as fireflies circle around her head.

Slegers also competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics. She was the 1995 winner of the 20 km of Brussels. She was also a cross country runner – Slegers won the Cross Internacional de Venta de Baños in 1989. She was successful domestically, winning the Lotto Cross Cup series in 1991–92 and 1994–95.

The first Mega Millions drawing with Oklahoma a participant occurred on February 2, 2010. Unlike Hot Lotto and Powerball (within Oklahoma), Mega Millions players in the state must choose cash or annuity when playing, instead of after winning.

The main Japanese counter-attack began on 16 October, signaled by a large bonfire on Sattelberg. If successful, it was intended that following a regrouping, the two infantry regiments would then clear Finschhafen and Langemak Bay.

A chief complaint of the opposition is the naturalisation of foreigners on political grounds, which they allege to be an attempt to change the demographic balance in favour of the Sunnis. One major part of the Manama Paper was the call for a genuine dialogue after the opposition pulled out in July of a high-profile national dialogue called for by King Hamad to discuss reforms in the kingdom.

List of flag bearers for American Samoa at the Olympics. This is a list of flag bearers who have represented American Samoa at the Olympics. Flag bearers carry the national flag of their country at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

U-111 set out for home, but on 4 October was sunk in an action with the armed trawler, HMS Lady Shirley. The arrival of Clyde in Tarafal bay on the same evening that U-boats were due to rendezvous was immediately seen as too unlikely to be a coincidence;