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Quest Aircraft also works with multiple not-for-profit groups that partner with the company as Quest Mission Team members. The company business model is especially unique: the profits earned by selling the Kodiak commercially are used to subsidize the manufacturing of approximately every tenth aircraft, which is then delivered to a participating not-for-profit organization.

Using a single-frequency network, an ensemble broadcasting a number of stations can cover the same area as a number of FM frequencies which would be required to cover the same area for one station. The BBC carried out successful tests of a single-frequency network in London before launching its national DAB ensemble.

Wright was the primary author of The Diamond Appraised (1989) with 10% of the material being provided by pitching coach Tom House. With most of Wright’s work taking place outside the public domain, it was a rare look at the type of work he was doing and how it was being used - or not used.

For early items, each object began as a flat piece of silver, raised with hammering to the desired shape (maker) before being passed on to the chaser (the craftsman that added decoration). The finished pieces show the hammer marks because they were not buffed, another reason they were called Martelé.

The room is now set up as a museum with a table in the center with various sixteenth century objects on display. The so-called Sala dei has wall paintings designed to look like patchwork wall-hangings lined with miniver, with motifs of parrots painted or embroidered on the blocks.

A detachment of the 77th served in India from February until July 1943. The 77th was inactivated in 1943. The 77th was redesignated in 1985, though this was a ‘paper’ change that effectively went no further than an Air Staff filing cabinet.