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It possesses a very mellow tone. The daruan is the bass lute. A larger version of the zhongruan with strings tuned to a perfect fourth lower: D2-A2-D3-A3. Soloists generally use the D-A-D-A tuning, as it allows easy performance of diatonic chords.

He seems to have entered the army in 1727 and served in Gibraltar and Flanders, subsequently taking part in the Battle of Culloden. In 1748, with the rank of major and the reputation of an experienced soldier, he went out to India to command the East India Company’s troops.

Cash was named after Johnny Cash, of whom Branyan is a fan. On January 31, 2008, Branyan was arrested for allegedly assaulting his then wife, Jill. According to police accounts, officers were called to a parking lot of a police station after an officer found Jill Branyan sitting alone in her car, crying.

Each issue also includes from 400 to more than 1,000 wine reviews, which consist of wine ratings and tasting notes. Wine Spectator, like most other major wine publications, rates wine on a 100-point scale.

The winner received a $1,000 cash prize. Named for Wallace Stevens, the award was established in 1994 by Dorothea Tanning to recognize outstanding and proven mastery in the art of poetry. Nominations are not accepted.

International scheduled services proved difficult to successfully establish until the late 2000s, when a weekly seasonal service between Düsseldorf and Inverness commenced in Summer 2009, operated by Lufthansa CityLine, and in 2011 when Flybe commenced daily operations to Amsterdam.

In the 1900s, a fully mechanized sawmill was established in Clover Hill by a man named Garnett Baker. The mill produced or milled lumber for locals and was contracted to supply CNR with railway ties. As transportation improved, this sawmill became relatively obsolete as lumber was easily accessible elsewhere.

In Fall 1971, Joseph (Joe) Drolet and others founded the Virginia-Highland Civic Association (VHCA), whose mission was to defeat I-485, and registered the association with the Georgia Secretary of State on August 22, 1972.