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Malchus of Syria. Saint Malchus of Syria (or Malchus of Chalcis, Malchus of Maronia) (died c. 390) is the subject of Saint Jerome’s biography Life of Malchus the Captive Monk ( Vita Malchi monachi captivi ), written in Latin around 391392 CE.

The band’s name, as they relate it, was created by pointing at words in the Bible at random. They released a limited-edition EP in 2002 which was packaged similarly to a pill case. They planned a 2003 release for their sophomore effort, Trust, but spent additional time recording and mixing the record, which was finally released early in 2004.

Followed in 1986 the book Or rather the other way. gay - and then? with which gays and lesbians in the then socially difficult situation in the Partnership and other issues should be supported. With the book A love like any other.

Milton High School offers a wide range of courses for students: agriculture, art, business, English, mathematics, science, foreign language, music, physical education, family/consumer science, health, and social studies.

A. to Z. of English, (with Michael Tristram, Neil Straker and Timothy Jaques), Collins - ISBN 0-246-12707-4
Better English (1961) Ginn & Company, (reprinted 2000 by Heinemann ISBN 0-602-20243-4)

Navalinga Temple. The Navalinga temple is a cluster of Hindu temples built in the 9th century, during the reign of King Amoghavarsha I or his son Krishna II of the Rashtrakuta Dynasty. The temple is located in the town of Kukkanur (also called Kuknur), north of Itagi in Koppal district and east of Gadag in Karnataka state, India.

Biofact (biology) In biology, a biofact is dead material of a once-living organism. In 1943, the protozoologist Bruno M. Klein of Vienna (1891–1968) coined the term in his article Biofakt und Artefakt in the microscopy journal Mikrokosmos, though at that time it was not adopted by the scientific community.