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Therefore, the ownership and management of the Estadio Braden Copper passed to the state-owned coroporation Codelco Chile, which led to the name change to the current one. On May 21, 2008, the then-president Michelle Bachelet announced the Red de Estadios para el Bicentenario, a programme in which w new stadiums were built and upgrades planned for others, among which was the Estadio El Teniente.

There is a close in age exemption: El consentimiento libre del menor de dieciséis años excluirá la responsabilidad penal por los delitos previstos en este Capítulo, cuando el autor sea una persona próxima al menor por edad y grado de desarrollo o madurez.

There are 16 colleges in the upazila. They include Abdul Hye City College, Maij Para College, and Mirzapur United College. Naril Government Victoria College, founded in 1886, is the only honors level one.

Otto then filled the vacant Torcello with his younger brother Vitale. These actions lost him the support of the people, though they did not yet clamour for his removal from office. The denunciations of Poppo of Treffen, the Patriarch of Aquileia, incited the Venetians to expel Otto and the patriarch of Grado from Venice, whence they took refuge in Istria from 1022 to 1023.

Bernhard Duhm. Bernhard Lauardus Duhm (October 10, 1847 – November 1, 1928) was a German Lutheran theologian born in Bingum, today part of Leer, East Frisia. Duhm studied theology at the University of Göttingen, where he had as instructors Albrecht Ritschl (1822–1889), Heinrich Ewald (1803–1875) and Julius Wellhausen (1844–1918), with the latter becoming a good friend and colleague to Duhm.

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