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The back cover features a selection of covers which we were spared from. One by Walter Foolz is of the Kouachi brothers lamenting the irony of having died in a print shop. Another by shows child labourers making Je suis Charlie T-shirts with a text reading: At the same time in Bangladesh: We stand by you with all our hearts.

Parathara, Chief Editor: Prof. Abraham Arackal. Television broadcasting in the Malayalam tongue began 1985 with the beginning of Doordarshan telecasting. One of Doordarshan’s first services was the broadcasting of regular news bulletins.

For n = 3: For comparison: In contrast to CAGR, you cannot obtain formula_3 by multiplying the initial value, formula_2, three times by (1 + AMR) (unless all annual growth rates are the same). These are some of the common CAGR applications:

The battlefield execution of Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, and the later probable murder of Henry VI extinguished the House of Lancaster. By the mid-1470s, the victorious House of York looked safely established, with seven living male princes: Edward IV and his two sons, his brother George and George’s son, his brother Richard and Richard’s son.

Eleven examples of the Hall class have survived to preservation, seven of which have run in preservation. 4965 Rood Ashton Hall is the only member of her class operational and presently certified for mainline operation, 4936 Kinlet Hall did have a mainline ticket but was withdrawn for overhaul in Oct 2016.

It seems probable that Walter Ludd, the head of the Gymnasium Vosagense paid Ringmann and Waldseemüller to do this work for publication at the Gymnasium’s printing press at St. Dié. Ringmann may have read the French edition of Vespucci’s letters ( Quatre Navigations d’ Americ Vespuce ).

In 1946, United-Rexall Drug Inc. purchased the Renfro chain in Texas, and Lane Drug Stores which had 58 stores throughout the Southeast. It also launched the Owl Superstores chain. In 1947, the company held a gala opening for their new headquarters and first store in Los Angeles, California.

From the inner lining of its wall, protoscoleces (i.e. scoleces with invaginated tissue layers) bud and protrude into the fluid filling the cyst. After the death of the normal intermediate host, its body can be eaten by carnivores suitable as definitive hosts.