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Consisting anonymously of Parker Jacobs on vocals and a rotating line-up of musicians including Christian and Tyler Jacobs, Larson and Pollock, The Sandfleas played deliberately sloppy punk rock songs which were humorously antagonistic and insulting towards their audience, intending to be the musical bad guy equivalent to The Aquabats’ good guys.

On the subject, Zhukov sums up in his memoirs that the failure of this operation was quite predictable, since the offensive was organized very ineptly, the risk of exposing the left flank of the Izium salient to German counterattacks being obvious on a map.

Tory Keith MacNab finished second. In opposition, he held critic portfolios in Health, Finance and Native Affairs. In 1992, he supported Lyn McLeod’s successful campaign to become party leader. The 1995 provincial election was won by the Progressive Conservatives, and Phillips only narrowly won re-election in Agincourt, defeating Keith MacNab by about 2,000 votes.

At the same time, the Joyita encountered increasingly heavy swells and squally weather. Miller, knowing the Joyita to be unsinkable and desperate to reach his destination to clear his debt, pressed on.

In some later books, he uses Edward Latham as his ‘straight’ name. It’s mainly other heavy heisters and people who live outside the law who know him as Parker. In the novel The Rare Coin Score, Parker meets Claire Carroll, the woman who will become his companion for the rest of the series.

In 1970, concurrent with the announcement of System/370, the next generation of mainframes after System/360, a new system was announced, called RETAIN/370. This system was designed for use by special Technical Support Centers located in regional centers, rather than by the branch office.